Online Returns Policy




Retain your receipt otherwise known as your confirmation order number; if you lose your receipt you lose your proof of purchase. Plasbox will not accept a bank or credit card statement as proof of purchase nor does Plasbox re-issue receipts if they have been lost.

The seller guarantees to make good any defects in the goods herein specified where such defects are proved to the seller and are acknowledged by the seller as defective materials or workmanship and notified to the seller in writing within five (5) working days of receipt of delivery:

(i) the goods were of the seller’s design and manufacture;
(ii) the defects were not caused by misuse, negligence, inadequate supervision;
(iii) the defects did not arise through damage in transit;
(iv) the goods have not been altered, damaged or repaired by the buyer or by any other person without the seller’s written consent;
(v) the obligation under this guarantee, statutory or otherwise, is limited to the replacement by our Wetherill Park NSW factory, of such goods as shall appear to us, upon inspection at such point to have been defective in material or workmanship.
(vi) this guarantee does not obligate Plasbox to bear the cost of labour or transportation charges in connection with the replacement of defective goods nor shall it apply to goods upon which alterations have been made by a third party, unless authorised by us.
(vii) Plasbox shall have no other liability whatsoever including consequential loss in respect of goods rejected by the buyer or delivered in a damaged condition or lost in transit

To return a product, if Plasbox has advised to return the product; we will advise at the same time as to how that product needs to be returned and what costs might be involved to return the product.

Plasbox does not accept returns due to change of mind, ordered wrong or not fit for purpose for which box was purchased for. So make sure you choose carefully.

The seller will not insure any deliveries.