Privacy Policy 

Respecting your privacy

Plasbox respects your personal information and it is important to us to protect your information. Plasbox will try to ensure that all personal information is kept securely and no unauthorised person is able to access the information.

What personal information do we collect and store

Plasbox will ask for your name, address, telephone and email address. We require this information to provide our goods to you, such as for delivery.
Plasbox may also keep such information as sign in details or products you have purchased. Plasbox will not be using your personal information in any unrelated services or hand your details to a third party, without your consent first.
You the customer have the right to not disclose this information, but Plasbox may not be able to provide services such as delivery of goods.

How is personal information used?

The personal information that we collect from you generally is to provide such services as delivery or credit card payments. We may also require your personal information to provide you with betterquality service. This may include using your personal information to advise you of new products,
services or items on sale.
Plasbox may disclose your personal information to our employees, contractors or agents for the
purpose of providing you with the service of our products.

Access to your personal information

In a case where you need to change your personal details due to change of address, phone number etc, you are able to use the contact us page on our website to request any changes to be made.

More information

If you would like more information on privacy please visit or if you would like more information on Plasbox please contact us. We reserve the right to update our website and Privacy Policy from time to time.