If you are not sure or your answer is YES
Then chances are PLASBOX MANUFACTURING can assist you!

Plasbox Manufacturing is a local Australian manufacturer and also a importer of Packaging products for the food, retail, personal care and non-sterile mechanical industry; our aim is to provide a product to our customer that will gain them a competitive advantage for them to succeed in their market, at an affordable price.
With our in house expertise we can see the whole project through from start to finish; we can discuss design, of convert with our in house tool room before going to production in a relatively short time.

Plastic and Cardboard packaging we are quite often able to manufacture to suit your product.
Contact Us for any enquires you might have, making sure to include quantities you are looking at, what type of product will be going in the packaging, size of product, type of material you require, when you need manufactured product by……

The more information you provide the easier it is for Plasbox to be able to either quote you or to be able to have the appropriate person call you back to discuss your needs.

ZOKOKO RIGID BOX– This is a 1 piece fold over Rigid box with textured Finish paper, enhanced by Gold Debossed foiling and easy to hold 12mm ribbon.

Black Herb Tray– Herb tray with PS material designed with water drainage holes.

Slim Trim Shelf ready Flute box– Gloss Litho laminate Fluted shelf ready box with hood.

High Gloss Stand– Isle ready high gloss cardboard stand.

Shelf Ready Flute Box– Cardboard fluted SMT with tear away feature to easily use in store. Litho laminate with gold foiling.

Rigid Hat Box– Square two piece Rigid hat box, matte black enhanced with gold foiling and embossing.

Spot UV with Embossing- Fluted two piece box with Spot UV with Embossing.

Gift Box 1 and 2- Fluted board with Lithographic print in 6 colours with a UV gloss finish.

Rigid Boxes
Zokoko Rigid Box

Rigid Boxes
Zokoko Rigid Box

Flower Cylinder Box

Gloss Litho Laminate Fluted

Colgate Total

High Gloss Stand

Cardboard Fluted SMT
Litho Laminate with Foiling

Plastic Food Tray

Bakehouse Muffin Holder

Rigid Hat Boxes with Foiling

Spot UV with Embossing – Fluted Box

Gift Pack 1

Gift Pack 2